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3 letter words made by unscrambling FIN

fin 6
There is 1 anagram in this group of words.

2 letter words made by unscrambling FIN

if 5 in 2
There are 2 anagrams in this group of words.

Definition of FIN

  • Fin - A blade of whalebone.
  • Fin - A feather; a spline.
  • Fin - A finlike appendage, as to submarine boats.
  • Fin - A finlike organ or attachment; a part of an object or product which protrudes like a fin
  • Fin - A mark or ridge left on a casting at the junction of the parts of a mold.
  • Fin - A membranous, finlike, swimming organ, as in pteropod and heteropod mollusks.
  • Fin - An organ of a fish, consisting of a membrane supported by rays, or little bony or cartilaginous ossicles, and serving to balance and propel it in the water.
  • Fin - End; conclusion; object.
  • Fin - The hand.
  • Fin - The thin sheet of metal squeezed out between the collars of the rolls in the process of rolling.
  • Fin - To carve or cut up, as a chub.

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