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This anagram solver will find the answer to all word scramble games!

What Are the Text Twist Games?

Text Twist and its successive games are of the Web’s most popular online games. While the name of each game may differ, the general premise is the same.

Whenever you start a new game of Text Twist, you will end up with a selection of letters in a row that get jumbled up. Your job is to find as many words that use some or all those letters. The more correct text twist words you enter, the higher your score.

Text Twist, Text Twist 2, Text Twist 3, and similar free games are usually timed, but it’s possible to “unlock” untimed versions so you can think about and enter words at your leisure. Of course, Text Twist Unscrambler can help you solve each timed game fast.

The Text Twist games can typically get played in a web browser. However, it’s possible to download some versions of the games to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

What Is Text Twist Solver?

There’s no denying that Text Twist, Text Twist 2, Text Twist 3, and similar games like Super Text Twist are fun and highly addictive! However, there’s often a race against the clock to solve each game, and that’s where Text Twist Solver can help.

Text Twist Solver is the ultimate and only online text unscrambler tool you will ever need to help you solve Text Twist puzzles. It’s free to use and can help you solve all puzzles quickly in Text Twist, Text Twist 2, Text Twist 3, and similar games.

It’s a powerful tool that will unscramble any selection of letters in seconds and return a list of valid words that you can enter into your games. Other games that Text Twist Solver can help you with include Jumble, Scrabble, and Words with Friends.

How to Use Text Twist Solver

One of the advantages of using Text Twist Solver is how it’s incredibly quick and simple to use. All you need to do is enter the letters displayed in your Text Twist game into the Text Twist Finder website and click or tap the “Solve” button.

You will then get a virtually instant list of acceptable text twist words that you can enter into your game to complete the level. The words Text Twist Solver will display are in different lengths to help you get the maximum amount of points.

5 Reasons to Use Our Text Twist Solver

Whether you’re a new player of Text Twist and similar games, or a regular player of them, you might be wondering why you would need to use the Text Twist unscrambler website whenever you play those games. The Text Twist dictionary is large and impossible to remember without the use of our site.

You might not realize it, but there are actually several reasons why it can make sense for you to use the Text Twist Solver website. Take a look at the following top reasons:

  • You Can Quickly Solve Each Game

    Arguably one of the most significant reasons to use an anagram solver such as our text twist cheat is because you want to complete each game quickly and easily.

    Some people like to complete levels fast because they want to solve the more difficult levels in the games. Others may want to see how fast they can complete each level using a word unscrambler to unscramble scrambled letters like Text Twist Solver.

  • Increase Your Word Power Through Text Twist Words

    Another advantage of using Text Twist Answer Finder is that you will increase your word power. What that means for you is you’ll end up learning about new words that have never been in your vocabulary.

    What’s more, you’ll also learn the correct spelling of some words that you may have often misspelled in the past. Text Twist Solver is an excellent way to learn new words and help you memorize them.

  • You Can Use Text Twist Solver for Other Games

    The name of this website might be Text Twist Solver. But, that doesn’t mean you can use it to help you solve puzzles for other games instead of Text Twist online.

    If you play lots of different word games and some involve unscrambling word answers, such as Jumble, for example, you can still use Text Twist Solver to help you. The instructions for solving puzzles of any other words game on the Text Twist Solver are the same. This cheat tool will do the word of a scrabble word finder, words with friends cheat, jumble solver, and more!

  • It’s Quicker Than You at Solving Anagrams in Word Games

    Let’s face it: despite your best efforts, you will never be as quick as a computer at working out anagrams. The Text Twist Solver website can produce a list of valid words for Text Twist and other games at lightning speed.

    The great thing about Text Twist Solver is that you don’t even need a fast computer or mobile device, nor a fast Internet connection to use it. That’s because it solves all anagram puzzles online using the latest web server technology.

  • It Helps People Who Speak English as a Second Language

    One of the struggles that people who speak English as a second language face is playing games like Text Twist. They may have learned enough of English to converse with other people. But, that doesn’t mean they’re familiar with all English words and their variations.

    If you speak English as a second language, Text Twist can help you increase your English vocabulary and teach you about variations of words such as singular words and plural words.

Top 6 Strategies for Unscrambling Word Puzzles

You will undoubtedly want to improve your word unscrambling skills when playing games like Text Twist, Jumble, and Scrabble. There’s no doubt that using an online tool like Text Twist Solver will help you improve how you play such games for the reasons already mentioned.

But are there any other ways to help you improve your skills when playing unscrambling word games? The following top six strategies can assist you:

1. Focus On the Task at Hand

The first thing you should try to do is focus on the games you are playing. If you have constant interruptions or distractions, you will find it hard to concentrate on playing games like Text Twist.

2. Separate the Consonants From the Vowels

Each time you play Text Twist, one of its successive games, or any similar games like Jumble and Scrabble, one “trick” to consider is separating the consonants from the vowels. How will that help, you might ask yourself?

It’s always a good idea to separate those letters as you can then quickly determine whether it’ll be easier to think of words with mostly consonants or vowels.

3. Match Consonants With Vowels

Another strategy you should definitely consider when playing word unscrambling puzzle games like Text Twist is to match consonants with vowels. Look for words that contain the letters “A” or “I” in them, as some only include just those vowels.

4. Start With Short Words

It makes sense to start finding words with the shortest number of letters in them. That’s because they will be the easiest words to unscramble, especially if you have tens of possibilities of three-letter words, for example.

Once you’ve exhausted all possibilities of short words, you can move up to solving longer words.

5. Keep Practicing

It might seem like an obvious point to make, but it’s a good idea to keep practicing. That’s because if you “train” your brain to unscramble words regularly, you’ll soon start noticing a pattern of words that often appear with certain letter combinations.

6. Play Untimed Games

The sixth strategy you should consider involves playing untimed Text Twist games or similar. When you’re trying to unscramble words against a timer, you may panic and make mistakes more often than if you were playing untimed games.

Additionally, playing untimed games means you can take a break from a Text Twist game and come back to it at a later time when you’re feeling refreshed.

How to Prepare for a Text Twist Game

You might not realize it, but someone that prepares for a text twist game is more likely to have successful outcomes in each level they play than people that undertake no prior preparation. Here are three tips to help you prepare for a Text Twist game:

Make Sure You’ve Had Plenty of Sleep

Have you ever noticed that if you have little sleep, you don’t feel as focused or on top of your game in your day as you would if you’ve had at least eight hours of sleep? Make sure you have plenty of rest before playing a Text Twist game.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

When you keep your body hydrated, you ensure that your body functions well. Water helps to flush out any toxins in your body and keeps your mind in check.

Find Somewhere Quiet to Play Text Twist

Lastly, avoid playing word unscrambling games like Text Twist in noisy or crowded places. Always find somewhere quiet to play, so the game receives your undivided attention and focus.

Play Text Twist Free!

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